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Magda’s Durham Night Out

From time to time us German Weardale-dwellers like to venture away from the comfort of our villages.

One of the main reasons I had for moving out here to the Weardale region was the peace.

Having spent a large majority of my life living in an urban sprawl, either in my native Germany or later during my publishing career in London, I craved the all encompassing serenity that came with the territory of living in the countryside. After nearly a decade spent pacing the claustrophobic streets of London, I wanted to live somewhere that I wasn’t constantly being assaulted by the rumbling of nearby busses or the hubbub of late-night drinkers.

I found that much desired serenity in my little hamlet here in Weardale.

My cottage is one of a small collection of buildings that are sporadically dotted for a mile or so around. My ‘neighbours’, if you can even call them that, are predominantly farmers. I spend most of my days here either walking around the local countryside, taking in the fresh air, or tucked inside my cosy living room getting some writing done. Unless I bump into one of the handful of farmers that work on the surrounding fields, I can sometimes go for 7 or even 10 days without seeing another human face. It might sound like a lonely life, but the lack of human stimulus helps to clear my mind when I’m coming up with a new concept.

When it comes to conceptualising new characters and dialogue, my needs change rather drastically and I find myself yearning for human interaction.

Despite the television and internet providing any writer worth their salt with a massive plethora of inspiration, I find that I need to physically witness other human interactions to get my creative juices flowing. Having recently got to this stage in a project, I knew that the time had finally come for me to end my self-imposed exile and force myself to return to civilisation.

I probably could have got all the inspiration that I needed by just slinking into my local pub for one evening, but I decided that this trip called for something a bit more special. I decided to make the most of having a few days away by booking into a hotel in nearby Durham and giving myself a chance to reacquaint myself with humanity once more.

Luckily for me The Full Moon Market was in town when I arrived, giving me a glorious opportunity to eat my fill of delicious international food whilst getting accustomed back to civilised life.

This monthly event has been running for a few years now, bringing a host of different street food vendors a chance to hawk their wares to the people of Durham under the light of a full moon. As with all food markets there was quite possibly too much on offer to get a taste of everything, so I left the event feeling like I’d missed out somewhat. However, something that I didn’t miss out on was the glorious conversation with the lovely vendors, performers and musicians.

Durham’s Full Moon Market offers visitors and locals alike a great chance to engage in a fun, foodie experience that you’ll remember for a long time to come.