Playlist for Dalecast











  1. Electric Touch ~ Love In Our Hearts  www

  2. I Am Not Lefthanded ~ The Place That Won't Take Me Back  www

  3. The Mustangs ~ Look The Other Way  myspace

  4. SSG Frequency AKA Kazuki Isamu ~ Hardstyle Phenomenon  www

  5. Nicolai Kielstrup ~ Figure It Out  POWERPLAY  myspace

  6. Pasonics ~ Seduction  myspace

  7. Paul & Storm ~ Me Make Fire  www

  8. The Erotics ~ 21st Century Son Of A Bitch  www

  9. Mark Emmins ~ Daddies Little Girl  www

  10. Erasure ~ Here I Go Impossible Again ( Electro Mix by Gary Hunter )  myspace



Thanks to "Traces of Nuts" for "Weirdo" 

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