Playlist for Dalecast











  1. Gaz Reynolds ~ Some Forgive (Starlet DJ's Radio Edit)  www

  2. Franz Black ~ Where Do You Go  www

  3. Kortney Jean ~ New Dance  www

  4. Maria Daines ~ Buddy's Song  www

  5. The Kellys ~ Minutes Too Late  POWERPLAY  www

  6. The Manxx ~ Broke Yr Spell  myspace

  7. Spellbound ~ The Crown  www

  8. Tom Smith ~ Two Guys Kissin' Ruined My Life  (2009 Version)  www

  9. The Fump ~ Pr-Pr-Pr Procreate by The Moneyshot Cosmonauts  www

  10. The Erotics ~ Death Of The Party  www

  11. Michael and Spider ~ Volcano  www

  12. Jerry Lee Surber ~ The Other Side Of Lonesome  myspace

  13. Billy Bourbon ~ Gas Money  myspace

  14. Makrolon vs Nuxx P ~ Movin' On  myspace



Thanks to "Traces of Nuts" for "Weirdo" 

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