Playlist for Dalecast











  1. Nicolai ~ Diva Baby (Crapman Remix)  myspace

  2. Etrangers ~ Midnight Movie  myspace

  3. Julian Bachlow ~ Calling  www

  4. Antioquia ~ Humans Do  www

  5. Lily Sparks ~ Stars  POWERPLAY  www

  6. Little Invisibles ~ What Once Was  www

  7. Elizabeth Tryon ~ Dancing Girl  www

  8. Modern Science ~ Do It Right Now feat Del The Funky Homosapien  myspace

  9. Maria Dunn ~ Katie Comes A Callin'  www

  10. Don Friesen ~ Tech Support & Idiots Guides  www

  11. Dogs Must Be Carried ~ Simon Cowell Is Killing Music  www

  12. The Bradshaws ~ Embrocation, Wrong Location  www

  13. Sokoband ~ Coast To Coast  www

  14. Irene B ~ Are You The One For Me (50th Motown Celebration Remix by Frankie Biggz)  myspace

  15. D'Femog ~ Come Back Baby  myspace



Thanks to "Traces of Nuts" for "Weirdo" 

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