Who Are We?

Hailing from all corners of Germany, the writers of DaleCast are a diverse bunch who have accumulated years of experience in a vast variety of fields.

The one thing they have in common, other than their nationality, is their love for the Arts & Travel.

Although the majority of Dalecast’s writers still work for a living, they always find the time to explore new destinations and explore new forms of Theatre, Music and Art Exhibitions. This website is a place where they can present their reviews and articles in any way that they please.

Benedict Madelung

benedictGöttingen is a university city in Lower Saxony and the birthplace of Benedict.

Although he adored his quiet city, the young Benedict could not remain there forever. It’s innate small town charm would have been the ideal home for many Germans, peace yet prosperous – but not for Benedict. After studying Drama & Theatre at his local University in 1982, Benedict had thought about going into teaching but feared the sedentary life of an academic. Instead, he opted to become a travelling salesman, an occupation that would take him thousands of miles from his home country.

When he bid his family farewell at the station, on his way to Berlin, he had no idea that he would not return to Göttingen.

Benedict lives in Rookhope, a rural village just North of Weardale – he avoids staying in his bungalow for too long, and is the most travelled of all Dalecast’s writers.

Valentin Kohlberg

valentinIn November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. Valentin Kohlberg, a young man who had grown up in the shadow of the great concrete divide witnessed hundreds of people celebrate it’s demise and understood that the world, as he knew it, was changed irrevocably.

An extremely capable language teacher, Herr Kohlberg specialised in English and had assumed that a life in diplomacy, bargaining for the destruction of the Berlin Wall, would be his future. Suddenly free of that burden, he was liberated and embarked on a trip around the world spreading his love of languages with those less fortunate.

Although he would return to Germany many times, England was to become his new home.

Herr Kohlberg, aged 47, now resides in Waskerley enjoying a life of semi-retirement. He loves film beyond any other medium and still enjoys teaching languages to anyone willing to learn.

Flora Bär

floraThe youngest of all the writers, Flora initially came to England during a year out from University.

Having studied Shakespearean Texts in her home town of Cologne, England was a Mecca for her Anglophilic sensibilities. Completing the remainder of course back in Germany, she raced back to England to find work in the Theatre Business – but had to settle for a job in a Florists in the small town of Crook.

Although Weardale may well feel like the end of the journey for the majority of Dalecast’s writers, it is merely the beginning for Flora. Happy enough in her current occupation, she still has the itchy feet of a traveller and has always made her intentions of inevitably leaving very clear.

Flora drives from Slaggyford to Crook four days a week and spends the other three travelling around the local area, watching live music and writing reviews.

Magda Elssler

magdaBorn slap bang in the middle of Germany, Magda’s childhood was a sheltered.

The municipality of Schlechtsart, where she spent her formative years was an isolated one, with less than a hundred people residing there. Her youth was spent devouring her Father’s books and dreaming of meeting her favourite authors.

As soon as she was old enough, she left home with her typewriter and a cardboard suitcase for the bright lights of London and it’s grand publishing houses. Finding moderate success as a crime writer (writing under a pen name) she soon grew weary of the fast-paced streets of the city and retired to the Pennines to find a place similar to her home town.

Splitting her time between working on her novels and teaching creative writing classes, Magda is the resident literature expert here at Dalecast. She still enjoys a good book today as much as she did in Schlechtsart.

Torsten Stuhr

torstenAn Ex-Security Chief of Staff, Herr Stuhr is not permitted to talk about a great deal of his work for various Government Agencies.

The operations and tasks that he was in charge of, in his 25 year career, inevitably led to him signing several confidentiality contracts. However, he doesn’t let that stop him from being the friendliest member of our team.

Retiring from his relentless job load in 1996, Torsten was able to pursue the passions that had eluded him for decades: Art, Theatre, Travel and Literature, the very things that DaleCast proudly write about on a weekly basis.

Although he has a small bungalow in Nenthead, Herr Torsten spends the majority of his time on the roads, rails and buses of England – visiting Historic Landmarks and exploring the countryside. He’s 65 years old and still fits into his old kevlar armour.

A Note About The DaleCast Brand

Before Benedict and his German compatriots bought this domain, dalecast.co.uk was a website hosting a podcast recorded weekly by Steven Wheatley of Frosterley, Weardale. His online radio show ran between July 2007 and May 2012 and was downloaded nearly 300,000 times.

If you’d like to hear any of his shows, they can all be found via iTunes right here.