Welcome to Dalecast!


Hi Welcome to DALECAST.

Dalecast comes to you from

Spennymoor in the heart of Co Durham, UK. 

 I started producing Dalecast on Tuesday 10th July 2007. 

It features all the latest & greatest podsafe Music, samples, remixes, mash-ups, sexy 60's, sensational 70's,

ecstatic 80's, naughty 90's & Comedy from all over the world.

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Each show is roughly 10 Tracks long and are produced when  I can be bothered!

My DJing style is 80's old school etc.  Less gobbin' and more music!

If you'd like to say Hello or pass comments, good or bad, request a song to be played

or have views on anything that is broadcast then don't hesitate to get in touch!


Send an email to me Steve, simply click HERE

If any bands or artistes would like to do a jingle/ID or bumper,

promoting Dalecast and yourself, then email me HERE

If you would like to influence my playlist decisions

then SEND me some of your work either on cd or in mp3 format!

Hard Cash helps as well! lol

Many moons ago, I started an online Radio Station called cheekily...


It was quite popular with listeners all over the world!

As well as producing my own shows showcasing classic music

genres from the last 6 decades, I also used to feature shows from Worldwide podcasters when

podcasting was in it's infancy and there were loads of wannabe DJ's.

I have kept all the shows that were produced for realRADIO1 both my own and from other DJ's etc.

Now you can listen to some of these classic shows. Below is a brief description of the shows and direct link

to the mp3's on my server so you can download or listen to them.

Hope you enjoy.


The Billy Bourbon Show - Great guy from Texas, USA and Great singer to boot!   Episode 16

Steve's Top 20 Show - 20 of some of my favourite all time tracks.  STEVES TOP20

The Sensational 70's Part 1 - Your Host ...me!  Part 1

Robocast - The Unique Show hosted by robots. Electronic music! (What Else!)  Volume 10

Comedy Part 1 - a selection of tracks played on Dalecast & realRADIO1  Part 1

Bugcast - UK based show featuring great Podsafe Music from Around the world.  Bugcast 070 & Bugcast 086

Decades - with your host, me again! Classic tracks from the last 6 decades!  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Gary Hunter - Essential Dance Mix Selection.  Gary is a man of many Talents! 80's and Electronic music.  Show Number 2

Pixicast - More great Electronic Music  April 2009 show

The DALECAST Powerplays.  Part 1


Some more realRADIO1 shows produced by me, Steve.

realRADIO1 Classic Reggae Reggae

Motown Madness Part 1

High Energy Part 1

Big Mash, Great Mashups and extended versions of some tracks  Part 1

Classic Rock Music  Part 1


More shows coming very soon .....

All shows are Copyright the respective artists and/or DJ's. 2021

Please Note: All references to realRADIO1 websites and emails etc are now no longer valid!

So dinnit waste yer time hinnies!


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